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Humizyme-G is combination of Organic acids and an Extract of the fastest growing seaweed in the world - Ecklonia maxima complexed with natural growth promoters which enhance the growth and structural development of plants. Humizyme-G is recommended to be used as a crop enhancer for providing necessary nutrients for proper growth, metabolic activity and development.

How does Humizyme-G Work?

  • Humizyme-G stimulates increased root growth. As a result of the increased mass and depth of the roots, the plant is able to draw more moisture from the soil increasing the drought tolerance level.
  • The root mass also allows the plant to more effectively absorb and use fertilizers that are applied to the plant and soil.
  • Humizyme-G when applied to the root zone produces cytokinins which helps the root to grow initiating corresponding shoot growth.
  • Humizyme-G contains the highest levels of naturally derived growth hormones auxins and cytokinins at a ratio proven to provide the greatest root activity response (11.0 mg/L of auxin and 0.031 mg/L of cytokinin). The high levels and natural ratio are preserved by the cold cell burst production process which is unique to - Ecklonia maxima.
  • Humizyme-G helps plants physically resist certain types of root diseases. Humizyme-G also induces to clearances to certain types of pests.
  • Humizyme-G enhances photosynthesis by increasing plants chlorophyll levels and thus the plant is able to efficiently harness the suns energy.
  • Humizyme-G helps plants to resist biotic and abiotic stress.
  • Humizyme-G feeds and stimulates beneficial soil organisms that break down organic material and improve the quality¬† and texture of soil.

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Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Humizyme-G improves the natural richness of plant colures due to the action of plant Humizyme-G granules are recommended @ 8-16kg/ac. This should be uniformly broadcasted all over the field.

1st Application: At the time of basal dose application.

2nd Application: 30-50 days after sowing/ transplanting.

3rd Application: 55-60 days after sowing/transplanting.

4th Application: 90 days after plantation (for sugarcane)

How to apply Humizyme-G

  • Apply near the root zone and mix well with the soil.
  • Irrigate the field after application of Humizyme-G.
  • Humizyme-G granules can be applied along with all chemical fertilizers and granular insecticides.
  • However, it should not be applied with growth retardants or weedicides.

Compatibility & Other Features

  • Humizyme-G is not produced from city solid waste/garbage etc.
  • It is completely safe to the agricultural soil and to crops.
  • It does not have any phototoxic effect.
  • It is free from all undesired impurities such as particles of polymer/ HDPE/ metals, damaging fungal spores/insect eggs and larvae.


  • Organic acids, Seaweed extract complexed with Natural growth promoters.


  • In 5kgs plastic pouches and 25kgs Fibre drums.

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