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BIOFLORAâ„¢ (Enriched Organic Manure Concentrate)

Bioflora an enriched manure concentrate is advanced biotech product,which is highly effective,natural in origin,bio-degradable and eco-friendly.Bioflora is recommended to be used as a foliar application. Bioflora enhances the uptake and utilization of key nutrients both during vegetative and reproductive growth stages of the plant. Bioflora boosts flowering and improves uniform fruit/grain development. It improves metabolic process and promotes efficient utilization of applied nutrients, thereby enhancing output quality. It also protects the plants during critical stress periods such as drought, water stagnation etc.It also protects the plants during critical stress periods such as drought,water stagnation etc.Bioflora contains organic acids, naturally occurring cytkonin auxins, enzymes, amino acids and alkaloids. Bioflora also contains antibacterial and anti fungal components specially blended to retain its stability over a long duration.

Benefits of Bioflora

  • Increases/flowering and yield.
  • Improves crop quality.
  • Stimulates metabolic processes and energises the plant system.
  • Enhances resistance to diseases and climatic stress.
  • Safe to use.
  • Pure Safe and IPM Compatible product

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The recommended dose of BIOFLORA is 250-500 ml per acre diluted with 100-200 litres of water,depending on the crop type and and stage of growth of the plant.Apply prior to flowering for best results.A repeat spray once in 20-25 days well accelerate effectiveness.


  • Keep in cool place and avoid exposure to direct light.


  • Organic acids, Marine Extracts,Natural amino acids, Organic Alkaloids,Enzyme Blends plant extracts etc

Directions for use : Shake the bottle well before use.Mix the desired quantity of Bioflora in a little quantity of water,stir well and then add more quantity of water to make the required spray volume.Spray just to the point of run off on the foliage.

Also Available in Powder Form as Bioenrich.

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