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Floragreen ™ an bio enriched organic manure concentrate is an advanced biotechnological formulation, bio-degradable and eco-friendly. The species contained in Floragreen™ are vital in biological agriculture and possess a myriad of yield enhancing qualities providing a host of benefits both for soil and plants. Floragreen also contains antibacterial and antifungal components derived from organic alkaloids and plant extracts which are specially blended to retain its stability over long periods.Floragreen is recommended as a foliar application. It boosts flowering and improves uniform fruit/grain development.It improves metabolic process and promotes efficient utilization of the applied nutrients, thereby enhancing output quality. It also protects the plants during critical stress periods such as drought, water stagnation etc.

Benefits Of Using Floragreen™

  • Acts as free radical scavengers.
  • Supplies vital electrolytes.
  • Enhances and transport nutrients and acts as a source of nutrients like mycorhea.
  • Boost flowering and improves crop yield.
  • Stimulates fecundation of flowers and reduces flower and fruit drop. (Increases the microflora)
  • Stimulates metabolism and energizes the plant system.
  • Catalysis enzyme reactions.
  • Synthesis nucleic acids.
  • Increases assimilation.
  • Has a phenomenal nutrient loading capacity.
  • Corrects micronutrient deficiencies in crops.
  • Chelates and changes inorganic minerals into organically complexed minerals.
  • Demonstrates amazing capacity for electrochemical balance.
  • Stabilizes chemical fertilizers like urea.
  • Acts as a substitute or interacts with sunlight to enhance photosynthesis particularly during prolonged cloudy periods.
  • Catalysis the rapid breakdown of toxins and redox- pollutants in the soil.
  • Dissolves silica and magnifies the many benefits of these elements.
  • Assists plant respiration and improves the respiration of beneficial microorganisms.
  • Can absorb a part of the harmful UV absorption, a property which can be used to delay UV instable active substances such as pyrethrum of Bt. Granlosisvirus.
  • Due to its improved moisture storage it increases the brix level in plants strengthens the plants to resist diseases and climatic stress.
  • Lengthens the performance time of urea by 60 to 80 days

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Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Floragreen can be safely used on all Field Crops, Fruit Crops, Plantation Crops, Vegetable Crops, Ornamentals, Lawns, Turf grass and House plants. In short, Mix the desired quantity of Floragreen in a little quantity of water, stir well and then add more quantity of water to make the required spray volume. Spray just to the point of run off on the foliage.

Foliar :
Floragreen is recommended to be used at a dosage of 1-3ml per acre diluted with1-2 liters of water, depending on the crop type and stage of growth of the plant. Apply prior to flowering for best results. A repeat spray once in 7-15 days will accelerate effectiveness.

Flower Application
Floragreen can be applied 3-4times during active growth stages of the crop and essentially during flowering, fruit formation and fruit development. 2. 5-3ml of Floragreen is to be added per lt water and evenly sprayed on the flower.

Compatibility & Other Features

  • Floragreen is compatible with commonly used pesticides.
  • Check for compatibility before use.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Regular use of Floragreen as per recommendation will combat pest & disease attack.
  • Pure and safe and not phytoxic.


  • Keep in cool place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight


  • Floragreen contains organic acids, organic crenic acids, naturally occurring Cytokine auxins, enzymes, Amino Acids, Alkaloids etc q. s to make 100% v/v.


  • 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1000ml HDPE Bottles and 210 Liter Plastic Drum packing.

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