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Fulvika is a biologically developed organic crop nutrient booster based on fulvic acids  derived from animal and vegetable origin for lawns, gardens, potted plants, vegetables, agriculture, Horticulture and plantation crops. It is designed for easy applications to plants and can also be used as a soil applicator. Fulvika is the most vital input in biological agriculture which possesses many yield enhancing qualities. Fulvika provides a multitude of benefits both for the soil and plants. Fulvika is a power-pack which aids and supplies all cellular life functions. Fulvika enters all living processes within the plant. Fulvika is recommended to be used as a foliar spray for photosynthesis and synthesis of protein, mineral uptake, uptake of nutrients and quality improvement in number of crops.

Benefits Of Using Fulvika™ Liquid

  • Enhances photosynthesis and synthesis of protein contributing to DNA &  RNA
  • Synthesis thereby increasing chlorophyll and enhancing the green colour in leaves.
  • Enhances the flavour, colour, aroma, size, weight, shelf life of fruits, flowers, vegetables etc.
  • Enhances mineral uptake from the soil.
  • Increases the number of flower buds/tillers/branches.
  • Reduces rate of leaf, flower and fruit drop.
  • Increases yield of cereals and other crops.
  • Helps better propagation of plants and early maturity
  • Has a biostimulant effect on plants
  • Helps plants to resist stress such as drought, cold and diseases during vegetative growth stages.

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Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Fulvika can be safely used on all Field Crops, Fruit Crops, Plantation   Crops, Vegetable   Crops, Ornamentals, Lawns, Turf grass and House plants.

Seed Treatment:
Seed treatment with Fulvika provides better germination of seeds and vigorous growth of seedlings. Seeds of   Cotton, Paddy, Soya bean, Gram, Groundnut, Maize, Jowar and all vegetable seeds may be treated with Fulvika. Use 2-3 ml of Fulvika / kg of seed mixed with sufficient water to cover the seeds. For small seeded crops like, Mustard  and Cabbage, use 10-15 ml of Fulvika / l kg of seed.

Seedling Root Treatment:
Treatment of seedling roots with fulvika before planting helps vigorous growth of roots and better establishment of the seedlings after transplanting. For seedling root treatment and sprout applications use 0.6-1 ml Fulvika in one litre of water. Dip the seedling root for sufficient time before transplanting

Soil Drenching:
Direct application  to the root through soil drenching will improve the soil conditions surrounding the  root zone of the plant. This can be recommended for all plantation and fruit crops like Citrus, Banana, Cardamom,   Pepper, Vanilla, Tea,Coffee, etc. 1-2 ml of Fulvika / lt of water may be used for soil drench. Use sufficient quantity of  Fulvika at this concentration to cover the root zone of the crop.

Drip Irrigation:
Fulvika can be applied through drip system. By this method Fulvika directly penetrates to the soil leading to better absorption by the roots. For drip irrigation Dilute 1- 2 litre of Fulvika in 5 Liter. water prior to injecting into irrigation system for treating one acre.

Foliar Application:
Repeated foliar application of Fulvika will have a positive effect on fruit quality, reducing the number of misshapen and rotten fruits, and increasing the sugar content. Application can be carried out with a knapsack sprayer  using 1-2 ml fulvika/ litre water. The optimum time to apply Fulvika as a foliar spray is at growing and reproductive stages of the crop synchronizing with fertilizer application. If power sprayer is used while spraying, the dosage should be 2-4 ml of Fulvika / liter of water.

Fulvika can be used in Parks, Lawns, Golf course, Turf grass and in Garden landscaping. Use 150-200 ml of Fulvika /1000 sq. ft. in required qty. of water. Spraying can be done using a Knapsack sprayer. Repeat every 45-60 days during the growing season

Compatibility & Other Features

  • FULVIKA is compatible with commonly used pesticides.
  • Eco-Friendly and IPM Compatible product.
  • Regular use of Fulvika as per recommendation will combat pest & disease attack.
  • Pure and safe and not phytoxic.


  • 5000ppm fulvic substances and other ingredients to make 100% w/v


  • 100ml, 250ml, 500ml,1000ml, 5000ml HDPE Bottles and 210 Liter Plastic Drum pack.

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