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GREENSOIL is an organic lignocelluloses based bio-degradable  matrix derived from Organic Manure enriched with nutrients which has a very high water holding capacity thereby increasing soil fertility and humus content.

Greensoil is an ideal substitute for mined peat, coir peat or rock wool. Green soil could also be positioned as a cost effective organic manure and a substitute for Cow dung, Town compost or Vermi Compost.

Greensoil can be used

  • As a substrate for floriculture and Horticulture Crops.
  • As a Potting Mix and nursery poly bags.
  • As a soil conditioner/improver.
  • As a rooting media.
  • As a mulch.
  • For Golf courses, lawns, turfs
  • Improving existing lawns.
  • For Vegetable growing.
  • For Home and Herb Gardens.
  • For growing Bonsai plants.
  • For Plantation Crops.
  • As a Air layer.
  • For transporting plants.

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Benefits of Greensoil

  • Greensoil makes an excellent fertile substrate for top soil even when it is sandy.
  • Greensoil lightens the soil, allows air to enter, holds moisture without being soggy and improves Soil structure.
  • Greensoil effectively chelates, complexes and sequesters soil micronutrients.
  • Greensoil enables the soil to get water over a long period of time thereby reducing watering frequency.
  • Greensoil helps plants grow in soil less medium since it has a ideal PH.
  • Greensoil increases soil cation exchange capacity.
  • Greensoil enhances soil phosphate availability.
  • Greensoil increases root penetration, aeration and internal drainage.
  • Greensoil has an ideal pH, high exchange capacity and low E.C Content.
  • Greensoil increases the activity of soil micro organisms.
  • Greensoil stabilizes the soil structure.
  • Greensoil minimizes leaching loss of nutrients.
  • Greensoil forms chelates with micronutrients like Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron etc and Greensoil releases them under different
  • conditions in forms easily available to plants and hence enhances plant growth.
  • Greensoil Increases phosphate availability particularly under acidic soil conditions.
  • Greensoil is an excellent soil ameliorant and soil conditioner for correcting soil problems.
  • Greensoil is highly suitable for better rooting system.
  • Greensoil unlike coir peat or Sphagnum peat which remains in the soil for years and pollutes the soil, is completely almost bio-degradable.

How Does Greensoil Benefit Seeds And Plants?

  • Greensoil accelerates germination rates and seedling emergence even in the most adverse conditions like drought.
  • Greensoil increases root and top growth on a fresh and dry basis.
  • Greensoil enhances plant root uptake of nitrogen, Phosphorous, Magnesium, iron, Copper Zinc and Calcium.
  • Greensoil enhances plant foliar nutrient absorption and translocation.
  • Greensoil influences plant enzyme systems.
  • Greensoil can be used as a easy and fast transplanting system.

Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Soil Conditioning:
Due to its fibrous nature Greensoil is excellent where it’s unique structure helps maintain large quantities of water, oxygen and nutrients. Incorporate Greensoil in the ratio of 1:4, i.e.1 part of greensoil and 4 parts of soil. Dig the soil to a depth of 1 ft and mix Greensoil in the ratio of 1:4.

Seed Germination:
Place Greensoil in a tray and wet it. Sow and cover the seeds with a thin layer of Greensoil. Expose the seedlings to mild sunlight after germination.

Rooting Of Cutting:
Mix washed sand and Greensoil in equal proportion. Wet the mixture with a fungicide. Plant the cuttings, firm and media all around. Keep the media wet till rooting is achieved.

Potting Mix:
Mix one part of Greensoil and one part of medium grade sand and one part of red earth. Other additives such as neem cake, manures and fertilizers can be used as per requirements.

Roses And Other Plants:
Spread Greensoil at the rate of 25 to 40 MT per hectare and mix it to depth of 10 inches before planting.

Laying Of New Lawn:
Dig soil to a depth of 1 ft spread pebbles at the bottom. Add sand to a depth of 1 inch, add mixture of sand and Greensoil in equal proportion, wet the media and plant the lawn. After the lawn starts sprouting add one layer of plain sand and level using a light roller.

Greensoil can also be used as a broadcast or spot application as follows:

Plantation Crops Dosage
Cocount 40-50 gms per plant/per application
Rubber (2-3 applications)
Rubber Nursery Poly Sleeves 5 gm per sleeve
BT-cotton 15-20 kgs per acre
Sugarcane 8-16 kgs per acre
Tea 50 kgs per acre pre annum(2-3 applications)
Planting Pit 5-10gms/pit
Nursery Poly Sleeves 5 gm per sleeve
Uprooted and Proposed Poly Sleeeves 100 kgs/acre (at the time of final land preparation)
Time of Application Throughout the year expect during heavy rains
Forestry 50 kgs per acre pre annum (2-3 applications)
Flowers / Ornamental Plants & Nurseries 2-5 gms per pot / per acre (2-3 applications)
Marigold / Petunia / Rose / Hibsucus -do-
Crysantherum / Calendula / Dahilal -do-
Sunflower / Gerbera / GladiousEtc -do-
Golfcourse / Lawns / Play Ground / Crickeoutfied 4-5 kgs per acre pre annum(single application)

Compatibility & Other Features

  • Greensoil is compatible with commonly used pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Eco-Friendly and IPM Compatible product.
  • Regular use of Greensoil as per recommendation will combat pest & disease attack.
  • Do not use any herbicide.
  • Pure and safe and not phytoxic.


  • In 5kgs plastic pouches and 25kgs Fibre drums.

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