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Humika–G Organic Manure Granules

Humika-G organic manure in granular form is a formulation based on Humic acid, complex organic molecules formed by the breakdown of organic matter. Humic substances are the end products of humification process of humus. When used as a soil enricher, it increases the Cation Exchange Capacity, causes increased intensity of Oxygen absorption in plant tissues and also increases the Calcium and Phosphorous uptake. Humika-G is used as a soil enricher for improving seed germination, seedling vigour and yield improvement in number of crops. Humika-G is a natural soil conditioner and acts as a organic chelator and microbial stimulator.Humika-G has been found to be very useful in fish culture, as it enhances the growth of Phythophankaton and Zooplanthkon a primary food for fishes.

Role of Humika-G in Soil Conditioner

  • Helps in building humus in the soil.
  • Improves overall workability in the soil.
  • Has very high cation Exchange capacity which helps
  • Release locked up nutrients.
  • Minimises leaching loss of nutrients.
  • Forms chelates with micronutrients like Zinc, Copper, Mangenese, Iron etc and releases them under different conditions in forms easily available to plants
  • Increases phosphate availability particularly under acidicsoil conditions.
  • Also effective on sandy soils.

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Benefits of Humika-G in Soil Health & Crop Management

  • Improves physical properties of the soil such as porosity and water holding capacity.
  • Nitrogen, Phosphorous, sulphur and micronutrients held in locked condition is converted and made available to the plant.
  • Reduces chemical fertilizer requirement substantially.
  • Conserves top soil.
  • Increases population of soil micro-organisms.
  • Increases population of earthworms.
  • Improves root respiration due to betterment of soil aeration.
  • Accelerates seed germination, seedling vigour and root growth.
  • Converts iron into available form thus protecting plants from chlorosis.

Special Features of HUMIKA-G

  • HUMIKA-G is not produced from city solid waste/garbage etc.
  • It is completely safe to the agricultural soil and to crops.
  • It does not have any phythotoxic effect.
  • It is free from all undesired impurities such as particles of polymer/HDPE/metals, damaging fungal spores/insect eggs and larvae/weed seeds.
  • It is IPM Compatible and Eco-Friendly.
  • It is a replacement for FYM, Oil Cakes, etc.

Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Crop Dosage
Potatoes, Onion 5-6 kgs /acre(At the time of First Earthing up)
Brinjal /Chillie - do -
Cauliflower 5-6 kgs / acre (Single Application at the time of planting)
Cabbage/Bhendi/ Parwal 5-6 kgs /acre(At the time of First Earthing up)
Rice/Wheat/Jowar/ 4-5 kgs per Acre (At the time of transplanting/sowing)
Bajra/Maize etc
Banana 25-30 gms per plant/per application (2-3 applications)or 5-8 kgs per acre.
Guava 45-50 gms per plant/per application (2-3 applications)
Citrus 25-30 gms per plant/per application (2-3 applications)
Grapes 5-10 kgs/acre (5-10 gms/wine)-800 wines/acre
Beetalvine 5-6 kgs/acre
Plantation Crops
Coconut 40-50 gms per plant/per application(2-3 applications)
Rubber Nursery Poly Sleeves 5 gm per sleeve
Tea 50 kgs per acre per annum(2-3 applications)
Young Tea 50 kgs per acre per annum(2-3 applications)
Planting Pit 5-10gms/pit
Nursery Poly Sleeves 5 gm per sleeve
Uprooted and Proposed Poly Sleeves 100 kgs/acre (at the time of final land preparation)
Time of Application Throughout the year except during heavy rains.
Forestry 50 kgs/acre per annum (2-3 applications)
Flowers/Ornamental Plants & Nurseries 2-5 gms per pot/per acre (2-3 applications)
Marigold/Petunia/Rose/Hibuscus/ - do -
Crysantherum/Calendula/Dahilal - do -
Sunflower/Gerbera/Gladious Etc - do -
Golfcourse/Lawns/Play Ground/Cricketoutfied 4-5 kgs per acre per annum(single application)
Fisheries 6-8 kgs during season (single application water upto 4 ft
For every subsequent ht of 1 ft 2 kgs of Humika-G should be applied


  • 3% Humic Substances & other ingredients q. s. to make 100% w/w


  • 5kgs plastics pouches and 25kgs fiber drums.

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