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Humizyme Liquid Organic Manure®

Humizyme Liquid Organic Manure is an enriched liquid bio-synergizer of Humic substances and fastest growing seaweed in the world - Ecklonia maxima. Humizyme is the only extract produced from the "Cold Cell Burst Method”. This method simply ruptures the cell walls releasing vital plant hormones without any de-naturing.Humizyme is recommended to be used as a crop enhancer for providing necessary nutrients for proper growth, metabolic activity and maturation.

Benefits of HUMIZYME

  • Is a very good source of essential micronutrients and micro-elements like cytokinns and vitamins required for growth and development and yield of crop produce.
  • Anchorages minerals and fertilizers decreasing leaching, stabilizes soil structure, increases humus content and soil fertility through its effect on the water holding capacity of the soil thereby resulting in higher yields and better quality of crop produce.
  • Enhances plant foliar absorption, influences enzyme systems, accelerates germination rates and seedling emergence and uniformity even in the most adverse conditions like drought.
  • Increases root and top growth on a fresh and dry basis, enhances plant root uptake Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potash, Iron, Magnesium, Copper Zinc, Calcium from the soil.
  • Promotes cell division and elongation.
  • Increases chlorophyll content, foliage development, increases profuse tillering and branching and controls shredding of leaves, flowers and fruits.
  • Breaks Bud dormancy.
  • Delays ageing of plant tissue Increases the shelf life of the crop produce.
  • Humizymehelps plant to resist nematodes and other pest and fungal diseases.

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  • Biosynergiser of Humic substances and seaweed extract and other ingredients to make 100% w/v

Application Methods and Recommended Dosage

Crop Dosage
Paddy,Wheat, Maize Spray 1 Ltr/acre at3-5 leaf stage & repeat in 3 weeks
Pototoes Spray 1.5/acre 21-28 daysafter full emergence then 1 L/acre 10-14 days later
Sugarcane Spray 1 Ltr/acre 2-3 weeks post emergence & repeat in 3 weeks
Field Crops Spray 1 Ltr/acre 2-3 weeks post emergence & repeat in 3 weeks
Lawns/Turfs grass Spray 1 Ltr/acre at initial stage. Repeat in 3 -4 weeks at regular intervals
Vegetables 1 ml/plant.Dilute 100-200 ml & soak soil the soil around the plant or just after transplanting seedling or spray 1 l/acre twice during early growth & then 2-3 weeks later.
Fruit Trees 5 ml/plant.Dilute in 1-2 L & soak soil the soil around the plant or fresh flush emerges or spray 1/l acre upto 1:500 dilution at 3-4 week intervals during active growing season.


  • 100 ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml & 200 lts Plastic drums.

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