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MAXIFLORA™ Flowering Stimulant

Maxiflora is a plant stimulant and yield booster containing nitrobenzene with non toxic specialty surfactants for enhanced cell permeability. Maxiflora is recommended as a foliar application Maxiflora facilitates transition phase from vegetative growth to flowering. Maxiflora alters auxin, cytokinin, gibbrellic acid and Ethylene ratio thereby stimulating profound flowering and yield.

Benefits of Maxiflora

  • Stimulates flowering.
  • Reduces flower fall.
  • Increase crop yield.
  • Pure Safe and Not phytotoxic.
  • Eco friendly and IPM Compatible product.

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Foliar Spray 2-3 ml/water First Spray after 3 weeks after sowing followed by intervals of every 3 weeks.


  • Keep in cool place and avoid exposure to direct light.


  • Nitrobenzene,Surfactants,Fillers,Carriers,inert ingrediants q.s. to make 100% w/v


  • 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 lt HDPE bottles and 210 lts Plastic drums.

Directions for use : Shake the bottle well before use.

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