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Virol™ Liquid

Virol is a unique biotechnological based formulation containing a synergistic organic concoction of bio active extracts extracted from exotic herbs and plants extracts,bio active compounds and natural enzymes for stopping the spread of plant viruses commonly found in vegetables, fruits cereals, pulses etc. The virus infects the leaves which appear like fern, shows mosaic structure, yellowish areas, curling, dwarfing, distortion etc. Viruses are non living and can replicate themselves in appropriate host cells, viruses reproduce inside living cells but are incapable of doing so once exposed to external environment.


  • The active ingrediants in Virol are quickly absorbed by plants and due to its enzymatic action the virus inside the cell are exposed and gets deactivated.
  • Virol stops the spreading of virus stopped from one cell to other within the plant so that the tender leaves and sprouts are prevented from getting infected by virus.
  • Virols natural enzymes ensure healthy sprouting of leaves and speedy growth in order to facilitate adequate leaf area for photosynthesis and required energy for the plants to survive this viral attack.
  • Virol breaks fungal cells by causing damage to both cell wall and membrane of fungi. Virol contains an anntifungal protein which is toxic to virus and fatty acids present by penetratating virus cell walls and causes damage to their cells thereby exposing them to the outer environment.

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Recommended Dosage

Virol as a preventive measure :
Spray schedule: First spray within one week of transplant, second spray after two weeks of first spray and third spray two weeks after second spray and every two weeks thereafter.

 Dosage: 1 gm per litre for knapsack and 2 gm per litre for power spray

How to use Virol for stopping virus infection

Spray the solution on leaves to the point of dripping, uniformly immediately on noticing the viral occurrence. Apply second spray after 4 days of first spray and the third and fourth spray after 7 days interval in the same manner. This will ensure reduction in insects / pest population thus reducing the virus vectors. In case the plants are severely affected by insect attacks, use a chemical insecticide one day prior to using Virol.


  • Bio Active Compounds, enzymes bio active extracts,inert ingrediants q.s to make 100%w/v


  • 100ml,250ml,500ml,1000 ml,5000 ml HDPE Bottles and 200 Lts Plastic Drum packing

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